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Psalms for Worship

Praying (and our worship of God) is not the easiest thing to do, so these psalms are quite short ones. Starting with simple Celtic-style prayers and ending with the attempt to join in the prayer of heaven. Of course, we often find ourselves praying with other people in a group, and these psalms are specially suitable for use in that context (the first one could be spoken with a single voice saying the first half of the verse, and all joining in the second half).

Psalm of Living
Prayer is about the whole of life, though the first phrase is often used alone at the start of worship, which seems to indicate that only our words are of use to God!

Responsive Psalm
Familiar prayers can be used in a group, or by an individual.

Psalm of Communion
One of the strangest activities of church worship is the queueing up for communion! Yet it is a symbol of our pilgrimage with so many who have gone before us.

Psalm of Evangelism
Christians have something to share with other people, as we look for our own hope.

Psalm of Adoration
Words of trust and adoration that may be used in private or in public prayer.

Credal Psalm
Belief doesn't have to be complicated, even if it is not simple!

Psalm of Praise
God provides quenching for our thirst and sustenance at all times, so we bless our creator.

Psalm of Singing
A psalm to thank God through our various kinds of music and singing.

Psalm of Thanksgiving
The whole world is singing out the praise of our God. How I wish I could feel I were able to join in properly!

Worship Psalm
Traditionally, the words of praise are the sanctus (holy), used in the last book of the Bible as the praises of heaven.