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Psalms for The World

We are always interested in beginnings and endings and the journey from one to the other, especially our own. Religion seems to have a lot to say about these. The wonder of the world and creation leads us to reflect on our own smallness, and our responsibilities for the environment. Thinking of the universe always makes us turn to praising God.

Psalm of Creation
The natural world of God's creation, and human creativity, summed up in the Trinity of love - God as creator, redeemer and initiator.

Black Psalm
White people especially often perceive "black" as evil, frightening or blameworthy. It needn't be so! God be praised for black people, too.

Psalm of the Universe
Perhaps everyone has the experience of looking up at the night sky and feeling small. The stars may be more likely to make us worship God than the average church service.

Psalm of Time
Science can provide us with a sense of wonder, and the universe makes me feel very small indeed.

Psalm of Reverence
The Arctic is possibly one of the few real wildernesses we have left. So it is a place that speaks to us of the reverence for life.

Psalm of Nature
The idea that human beings are part of creation, rather than users (even abusers) of it is also a religious quest.

Psalm of the Future
If watching one of the TV programmes on the natural world makes you think and wonder, perhaps it might also encourage you to pray?

Psalm of the Trinity
God is always a creating God. In the Christian tradition, this is expressed in terms of the three persons of God, Creator, Word and Spirit.

Psalm of the End
Beginnings are, perhaps, easy. It's endings that we find much more difficult. The ending of life, and especially our own

Psalm of the Journey
Much of our life, and our religion, is about going on a journey. Even a modern journey can still be a pilgrimage.