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Psalms for Work

Is the work you do (paid and unpaid) a curse, or a joy? For Adam, work was supposed to be a burden and a punishment, but there is a strong Christian tradition (as well as a Jewish one) about the importance of work in our faith. For Jesus, work was his crucifixion. At the very least, then, we have some reflection and praying to do about our own work.

Psalm of Monday Morning
There always seems to be a frustrating feeling that things could (and should) be better. Looking for the way is our frequent prayer.

Psalm of Work
An attempt to make a prayer out of our daily experiences of ordinary working life. But also trying to be positive about them!

Psalm of the Manager
God may be seen as a good manager (like the Good Shepherd) who will always care for me.

Celtic Psalm
This is a Celtic type of prayer for the instruments that enable me to do my daily work.

Psalm of Community
What does it mean to work for community and for the common good? It has always been an important part of a Christian life.

Psalm of Change
Religion is about change, or transformation, of the individual and the world. Yet we are so often encouraged to be more concerned about consistency and not changing my mind.

Psalm of Money
Is money the root of all evil? Or can we pray for a proper use of what is given us by God?

Psalm of Oppression
Can we learn to share our lives together in a large city? Or is history too strong for us, with its emphasis on the power of religion? There is also historical evidence for cocking a snook at power and playing the clown.

Psalm of Fear
A cry for help, when we are ill or alone. Other people can reflect the presence of God in our lives.

Psalm of Creation
Creation is both the natural world and the world of work in which we can help to create one another.