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Psalms about presence

Psalm of Praying
Trying to pray isnít always easy!

Psalm of Advent
Waiting for Christmas to come.

Psalm of Thanksgiving
The whole world is singing out the praise of our God. How I wish I could feel I were able to join in properly!

Epiphany Psalm
An Epiphany psalm.

Psalm of Providence
How do we know how God works in our lives?

Psalm of Courage
In the face of troubles, it is courage we need and the assurance of Godís presence.

Psalm of Eucharist
The Thursday after Trinity Sunday is the festival of Corpus Christi, the body of Christ.

Funeral Psalm
Reflection on bereavement.

Psalm of Living
Prayer is about the whole of life, though the first phrase is often used alone at the start of worship, which seems to indicate that only our words are of use to God!

Psalm of Communion
One of the strangest activities of church worship is the queueing up for communion! Yet it is a symbol of our pilgrimage with so many who have gone before us.

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