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Psalms about love

Psalm of Creation
The natural world of God's creation, and human creativity, summed up in the Trinity of love - God as creator, redeemer and initiator.

Psalm of Faith
Meditation on time, and on God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit).

Psalm of the Trinity
God is always a creating God. In the Christian tradition, this is expressed in terms of the three persons of God, Creator, Word and Spirit.

Psalm of Evangelism
Christians have something to share with other people, as we look for our own hope.

Psalm for Maundy Thursday
The Thursday before Easter is "Maundy Thursday."

Psalm of the Crucifix
A devotional psalm for Good Friday.

Psalm of Courage
In the face of troubles, it is courage we need and the assurance of Godís presence.

A Trinity Psalm
It seems as if everything comes in threes!

Psalm of the Passion
The crux of the matter.

Wedding Psalm
Using traditional words of the marriage service.

Psalm of the Journey
Much of our life, and our religion, is about going on a journey. Even a modern journey can still be a pilgrimage.

Psalm of the Church
From Hosea the prophet.

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