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Every now and then, there's a particularly (bad) example of the art of the advertising agency. Or maybe it's particularly good, since it made me take notice? We seem to be dominated by image-making, these days. Everyone has to have the make-over. At least it made me pray . .


  1. God, you made her so attractive
      it is her sensuous curves that make her into a woman.
  2. Or is it just the advert that makes her look so good
      her image polished only to catch the eyes of men?
  3. For the fashion was not always the same
      the shape of women has sometimes been different -
  4. topless, in ancient Crete, with a tiny waistline
      a bustle gave grace to Victorians with their proper deportment.
  5. Today, we speak about sex more openly
      but women are still exploited in a world that is run by men,
  6. and men are also used as adverts
      the softer image of a father to attract the money of women.
  7. Why do we use one another so much
      is it possible to respect without exploiting others?
  8. Both women and men are made in your image
      we need each other as equals, not as symbols.
  9. Teach me to respect my own sexuality
      in my body to honour the other person.


Jan 04