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Psalms, for me anyway, are about praying. Since I hope everyone has some sort of experience of love, perhaps this one doesn't need an explanation .


  1. We have no need of words, you and I
      heart speaks to heart while we are close together;
  2. but I also need to say that I love you
      I must express my feelings and show you how much I care.
  3. My heart won't need words to talk to you, my God
      and you don't speak in sentences but in a twinkling as quick as a thought;
  4. nevertheless, words can express my worship
      if I speak with you for a second, I may need hours to prepare for it.
  5. I long to be conscious of your real presence
      to be aware of your attention to me in a moment of time.
  6. Yet as soon as you are with me, I have to turn away from you
      a glimpse of heaven makes me want you to send me to hell!


Jun 03