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In the face of troubles, it is courage we need and the assurance of God's presence. Someone sent me a card with a little poem on it. It made me think of things in the Bible about taking courage - Daniel 10, Isaiah 41, Joshua 1.


  1. Do not be frightened or worried:
     for I am your God and I'm always beside you.
  2. Be determined and confident:
     since you are mine I will always support you.
  3. I am the God of love who moves on gently:
     leading you on, drawing you into all that is new and lovely.
  4. All you need is available now:
     let me carry you and bear you along in safety.
  5. I am the Lord of love who comes to you in quietness:
     there's no need for struggle or panic,
  6. for I died for you in the cruelty of torture:
     how can I let you suffer alone?
  7. I am the Spirit of love to direct you tenderly:
     I hold your hand and I will not hurry you.
  8. We will go on together into tomorrow:
     for I am with you and I won't let you go.
  9. Be not afraid for I am with you:
     I shall never abandon you wherever you may fall.
  10. Only be strong and very courageous:
     for you are mine and I will always love you.