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The Holy Spirit is traditionally present at creation, at baptism, and gives the sevenfold gifts to those who ask.


  1. "Be strong and full of courage:
     for God is with you wherever you go."
  2. The Spirit of God strengthens my hand:
     you make us bolder in our work together.
  3. For in us all is the breath of life:
     you give true life to the people of God.
  4. Come, Holy Spirit, as the mighty wind:
     as on the face of the waters at creation.

  5. Give us your spirit of wisdom and understanding:
     the strength of good counsel and inner confidence;
  6. bring us knowledge and heavenly insight:
     that we may delight in the worship of God.
  7. In you we find ourselves made whole:
     your healing power is here for us when we need it.
  8. Come, Holy Spirit, as the gentle dove:
     as you appeared to Jesus at the river of Jordan.

  9. You bring love and joy and peace:
     the gifts of kindness, patience and goodness,
  10. in you is the promise of faithfulness:
     the quality of real humility and self-control.
  11. We feel your prophetic inspiration:
     our words can be clearer when we wait on you.
  12. Come, Holy Spirit, as flames of fire:
     as you came to the twelve apostles at Pentecost.

  13. We wait for your stirring power:
     my heart is wonderfully warmed by your comforting presence.
  14. Your fire burns away the injustice of the world:
     the uselessness of evil you consume like kindling wood.
  15. Then we may share your gifts:
     in serving one another we are living in your love.
  16. Come, Holy Spirit, as the bond of love:
     for you join the Father and the Son as one God in unity.
  17. The whole love of God has been poured in our hearts:
     through you, Holy Spirit, as you're given to us.