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Someone I knew was given six months to live. He died exactly six months later! But what struck me was how positive he was able to be about the life he had left.


  1. Help me, God, to look ahead more hopefully:
     nothing like a death sentence to concentrate my mind.
  2. I'm told I ought to plan for years ahead:
     but to settle for the next six months could be more creative.
  3. If I could fix my sights on the immediate future:
     then I might get priorities in order.
  4. The future can be deadly and uninviting:
     it's easy to postpone the important thing for a rainy day.
  5. But this life's not a rehearsal:
     it's the only performance I've got;
  6. help me now to be:
     what I'd like some day to become,
  7. for faith's about this life not another one:
     religion not only for the next world, but for this!
  8. Come, Holy Spirit, fill this moment:
     grant me, God, to be really myself,
  9. to know today is always my meeting with you:
     to live this day as if it were my last.