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40 days after Easter the risen Christ left this earth for his place in heaven. It is still kept on the 40th day, a Thursday. So there is also a festival of Christ the King in the autumn.


  1. You, God, are ruler of heaven and earth:
     you have exalted your Son to his rightful Kingdom.
  2. Risen and ascended he is Lord of the universe:
     you have given him authority as Christ the King.
  3. Now his rule has exploded into all the world:
     he is with us for all time and in all places.
  4. As a human being he was born and died:
     now humanity is risen and glorified.
  5. We can be confident in your power to save us:
     since through your Spirit we have known his glory.
  6. For all the earth is yours:
     giving power to our King, you give us courage also.
  7. With him we too can be exalted:
     we can share a part in his Kingdom while living our life on earth.