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The examples of where we might see God at work in our own experience came from Bishop John Taylor in 1988, speaking of comparatively recent examples in British experience and newspapers.


  1. I would like to see you, Lord, in all your glory:
     I want to hear what you are saying in my world.
  2. Why do I find it so hard to know you clearly:
     why's your activity shrouded in mystery?
  3. The strike was nearly over and people were beaten:
     then there was the inkling of a new initiative,
  4. but hope was soon dashed to pieces and gone:
     reconciliation denied, and everything looked like failure.
  5. That day seemed to bring no light:
     yet the chance of redemption shone out like a beacon.
  6. So you let us have just a glimpse of your presence:
     the sign of your Kingdom is an elusive vision.

  7. For you do not dominate us with your power:
     your strength is seen most clearly in your being vulnerable.
  8. I saw children in Soweto framed between the tanks:
     the young with their fists in salute, but their faces were grinning!
  9. Their world seemed to have no hope:
     yet their hopefulness shone clear for all to see!
  10. So you give us a sign of your presence:
     the glimpse of your Kingdom is a powerful vision.