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The growing tradition on Saturday, Easter Eve, is to mark the coming festival with baptisms and celebration of the "first light" of Easter in the dark of Saturday night. Originally, it was the end of preparation for candidates for baptism, which went on through the night, and the festival of Easter which took place in the very early morning (though we usually make it evening instead).


  1. This is the night of your Passover, our God:
     when your faithful people were kept safe from destruction.
  2. This the night you rescued Israel:
     freeing them from slavery through the Red Sea waters.
  3. This is the moment that Christ broke free:
     the time of the conquest of the powers of hell.
  4. On this night Jesus rose from the dead:
     so that all, both past and future, may share his triumph.
  5. This night is the end of sinfulness:
     when all who believe are freed from slavery.
  6. This is the time to heal all creation:
     for heaven and earth are joined in Jesus Christ.
  7. So rejoice all powers of earth and heaven:
     all creatures of God sound the music of praise.
  8. Christ has conquered, and all is new:
     the glory of God now fills the universe.
  9. As the Paschal candle gives light to our world:
     we rejoice in Christ our light for ever more.