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The word "maundy" comes from the Latin "mandatum" meaning commandment, for this is the night of the giving of a new commandment to the disciples of Jesus, that they should love one another. It is also usually remembered as the Last Supper, when the eucharist was instituted, and when Jesus washed the disciplesí feet at supper.


  1. Jesus said, "I give you a new commandment:
     love one another as I have loved you;
  2. then everyone will know you're my disciples:
     because of the care you show for one another."
  3. Now, Lord, you have invited us to share in your supper:
     so we proclaim your death until you come again.
  4. As you have washed our feet as the willing slave of all:
     so we wash one another's feet as servants of others.
  5. The basin of water to refresh the weary:
     the towel to wipe the frustration of hard and bitter lives.
  6. For you have given the Eucharist to your church:
     and the church you have given to the whole of the world.
  7. The bread, which we break together:
     it's a sharing of your body, as we share the single loaf.
  8. The cup of blessing that we bless:
     it's a sharing of your blood that's freely shed for us.
  9. At the end we depart in disarray:
     what can I do, now you've left me all alone?
  10. And yet, I'm not ever alone:
     for you are now inside me, I can live as part of your body.