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Singing and processions mark this day, a week before Easter. But it is Holy Week, the central pivot of the Christian year, including the remembrance of Christís death on a cross, as well as his rising again at Easter.


  1. The sun shines out on our joyful procession:
     the spring comes with daffodils and branches of palm.
  2. We rejoice to welcome the coming of our king:
     Jesus rides into our city with shouts of triumph.
  3. For this is the week of all weeks:
     Holy Week is the pivot of all our faith.
  4. Who is this king of glory riding to his death:
     who is this man of sorrows ignored in our urban world?
  5. Our generation doesn't see him as he was in Palestine:
     but Christ is still present in our streets and in our homes.
  6. This cross of palm we take out in our hands:
     so help us take up our cross in our daily lives.