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  • Those were cruel days in Roman times:
      human flesh was cheap for crude enjoyment.
  • Of course, we’re very different, enlightened now:
      today we are more sensitive and civilised.
  • Yet still there’s genocide in Africa:
      Europe is stained in red with ethnic cleansing,
  • the terrorist is vicious, maiming anyone:
      cruelty is alive and well in hostage taking,
  • and still there’s deprivation, increasing poverty:
      the poor are on our streets, ignored, forgotten.
  • A crimson hanging glows, the passion of Christ:
      even the sky is red, as Jesus suffers.
  • The word for Christ in torment we use for sex:
      our violent anger of love is passion for Jesus
  • substituted love, from a tortured man:
      his passion can be for me, to help me live.
  • ’You cannot know much of God’ dying he said:
      ’unless you know something of suffering, too,’
  • for suffering leads to dying, and also joy:
      the never-ending vitality of our God.