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When we have had to face some traumatic experience (especially if it involves a violent attack), I imagine most of us are inclined to feel negative or depressed and withdraw into ourselves, at least for a long time afterwards. This is a story of one person who was able to build her life again.


  1. Anger and frustration are in the air we breathe:
     our world has always been full of violence.
  2. Guns and knives are in evidence on our streets:
     human life is cheap in an expensive market place.
  3. These days I'm afraid of the city:
     subways are dark and threatening places.
  4. There are footsteps behind, people are following me:
     two men seem kind enough ... until we are alone.
  5. Why, God, why does this happen to me:
     what have I done to merit your fury?

  6. These are criminals and go free:
     there's no justice in the world you've made!
  7. I thought it was only others who were victims of violence:
     why do you bring this on me for no good reason?
  8. Why, God, why does this happen to me:
     it isn't fair when I've done nothing to deserve it.

  9. Animals kill to satisfy their hunger:
     but people are murderers for no reason at all,
  10. they maim and beat others for fun:
     they've not been hurt or threatened by me.
  11. Perhaps I am simply a symbol:
     I stand for the comfortable life they cannot share;
  12. or else it was all a mistake:
     maybe I just happened to be in their way.
  13. Can you hear my prayers for your help:
     are you listening to me when I cry out loud?
  14. This is the time for you to come to my aid:
     I've never asked you before for any favours.
  15. Why, God, why does this happen to me:
     is there no longer any justice in your sight?

  16. Now I hear of the disasters that have happened to my friends:
     the cancer of my colleague and the car crash of my neighbour.
  17. Did these things not occur before:
     or have I been too protected to notice it?
  18. There's so much cruelty and evil around us:
     how can we survive when we're innocent victims?
  19. Why, God, why does this happen to me:
     though plenty of others are suffering also?

  20. I needed this time to think:
     never has the natural world been so important to me.
  21. As things get better, there is still a nightmare:
     my life will never be the same, but at least I am alive.
  22. I may have been beaten up, but I am not beaten down:
     now it's up to me to make a new life for myself.
  23. What do I really want to do with my life:
     how can I make a contribution to my world?
  24. Why, God, why did this happen to me:
     because you have changed my life for the better!