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If you're a man, you might prefer to sit this one out. For Mary's Song (the Magnificat) is a feminist anthem, against the oppression meted out by men (not only in Afghanistan). This version is based on writing in "Celebrating Women" 1986.


  1. My heart is bubbling over with joy
      the world will hear our praise and rejoicing.
  2. We honour the mother who bore us
      like Mary the loving one we declare our gratitude.
  3. The life you give is a marvellous gift
      with God it is good to be a woman,
  4. for you, our God, have recognised us
      your goodness is showered on all who believe.
  5. The disregarded have been lifted up
      the pompous and powerful shall fall;
  6. there's a feast for the empty-bellied
      and the rich have discovered their void.
  7. Your word has been made good
      from the dawn of time our day has been promised.


Feb 02