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  • It’s hard always to be honest, even to friends:
      to say what I really feel, honest to God.
  • The best anyone can do is to speak more clearly:
      to express what seems important for us today.
  • Church can often be dull, an irrelevant muddle:
      songs be telling mysteries in banal repetitions.
  • Have I then lost my faith in God:
      is a Jesus-centred church not speaking to my heart?
  • The mystery of wonder does not go away:
      the simplistic way we tell it is not honest.
  • It’s hard always to be positive, especially to myself:
      to feel I am not alone, or a lonely soul;
  • the better way for survival is to focus afresh:
      looking to future visions, imagining dreams.
  • The past may be a retreat into torment:
      my own world all there is, with loneliness;
  • have I then lost my faith in others:
      is the silence inside not giving me hope?
  • Looking out continually, widens the view:
      even when I’m alone, there’s more to know.
  • Does science now answer everything, nothing to fear:
      keep on looking and listening, measuring everything?
  • "However hard you listen, you will never understand:
      however hard you look, you will never see."
  • Answers may not bring truth or enlightenment:
      asking the questions again can deepen the mystery.