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Christian faith seems to be full of threes! God is three as well as one. Time is past, present and future. The cardinal virtues are faith, hope and love. Amazing how they can all fit together.


  1. It's comforting to think again over the past:
     for memories needn't be threatening.
  2. I look back with easy detachment:
     as you, God, look on me in your infinite mercy.
  3. Earlier battles have faded, they're not so critical:
     past stupidities no longer have power;
  4. previous glories have a mellower radiance:
     recalling former happiness can staunch my depression.
  5. So, God, increase my faith:
     help us, Father, to worship you in everything that's happened,
  6. strengthen and confirm our trust in you:
     grant us to share the vision of your faithfulness.
  7. The future holds fearful uncertainties:
     the struggle ahead looks long and painful.
  8. The gap between rich and poor seems set to widen;
     conflicts of races and cultures to escalate into violence;
  9. we continually misuse our environment:
     yet your purposes are ever closer to fruition.
  10. The end of our exploring is to arrive where we began:
     and to know ourselves better than before.
  11. So, God, deepen my hope:
     help us, Christ our Lord, to face the future with your obedience,
  12. for all things shall be well:
     all manner of things shall be well.
  13. God, you are eternally now:
     all time is focused in this present moment.
  14. Even when I've been through a time like this before:
     I need to approach it fresh and with humbler reverence.
  15. Help me travel on, adoring your love:
     to go forward, serving the world around me,
  16. and to see these are not two separate journeys:
     but roads that meet in this moment in your presence.
  17. So, God, widen my love:
     help us, Holy Spirit, to be conscious of your sustaining power,
  18. for this time is given us out of your grace:
     we'll find your eternal present within our own experiences.