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There’s a tradition in the eastern churches especially, of the children searching for figures of the kings which have been carefully hidden, rather like the Easter eggs often are, later in the year.


  1. It's always exciting to receive a gift:
     this day is your gift to me, for all comes from you.
  2. The wise men offered their gifts at Bethlehem:
     we present ourselves to you and our lives for your hallowing -
  3. the gold of our precious time:
     the worship and incense of our talents,
  4. the costly ointment of our money:
     for the love of money is deadly myrrh.
  5. The journey of the magi was long and heavy going:
     we too look for a leader, for the meaning of living,
  6. the reason we give for our search is that we may be loving:
     and our journey also is long, till we become human.
  7. Now we've settled back to routine after Christmas is over:
     the usual daily round and life as before.
  8. Children may search for the hidden kings:
     but we are all of us seekers in the quest for your kingdom.
  9. We offer to you new gifts on our pilgrimage:
     excited by the gifts we've received, through your loving grace.