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  1. You, my God, are my single parent
      you look after me and care for me always;
  2. you are a mother to hug me when I am hurt
      a father to admonish me gently in my waywardness.
  3. Good parents don't always do what their children require
      we need discipline to learn we don't get everything we ask for;
  4. and you don't grant me all I pray for
      your answer to prayer may be 'wait' or simply 'no'!
  5. You've promised you will not test us beyond our power
      there's always a way out of temptations,
  6. but you don't promise us an easy life
      for you yourself are closest to us in our adversities.
  7. As we are often unable to help those we love
      so your Son was helpless, nailed to a cross.
  8. You don't always give us the help we expect
      for your hands are tied like ours.
  9. Yet who will know your presence except those who love you
      who can feel your frustration save those who know you best?
  10. So there are no simple answers, even for you, my God
      our faith depends on your presence, not on rewards.
  11. Parents watch children grow, till they become their friends
      you call us your friends, as we trust in you.