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The Lockerbie air crash happened just before Christmas. The anniversaries are bound to be hard, but every year brings a new perspective, and it is possible to survive.


  1. Is there no justice in the world:
     why do some of us have such a hard journey?
  2. Christmas is the time for family joy:
     it's also the time of the greatest misery.
  3. When troubles come, they don't arrive alone:
     we often hear of three disasters;
  4. there are those who have more than their fair deserts:
     it's not just that some are accident prone.
  5. Your promise is to let us face no more than we can handle:
     your Spirit gives us strength to cope with everything that comes;
  6. you give us your presence and your understanding:
     in Jesus you have known and experience our afflictions.
  7. We need to come to terms with our traumas:
     every anniversary is painful, but surviving it helps us live on.
  8. New friends are made through accidents:
     those who know how we feel can best support us.
  9. There's no answer to the question 'why?':
     but, if you are with me, I can find a way forward.