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Pilgrimage is a common religious idea. It isnít often associated with Christmas. Maybe the weather is too rotten? But the people in the Christmas story were all travellers. So might we be, too.


  1. We are travellers on the road to seek you today
      the stories of Christmas are stories of journeys.
  2. Mary and Joseph had to travel to Bethlehem
      the holy family were pilgrims before Christ could come.
  3. The shepherds decided to go and see
      working people went to find where God was at work.
  4. Wise men followed the pointing star
      kings from far away seeking truth from above.
  5. Christ still comes to us where we are
      but we also must seek him in response to his love,
  6. our journey may begin at any time or place
      you will lead the way for us and you will sustain us.
  7. So help us travel our own road of faith
      that we may see for ourselves, and believe in you.


Psalm of the Month, December 2003