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Christmas is about love, and how Gold’s love is shown to us, in spite of (or because of) all the decorations and excitement and anticipation involved


  1. God loved people, so you came to live among us:
     you care for us all, and you will be with us always;
  2. your light shines on, in the darkness that surrounds us:
     as the sun turns back on its course towards the summer.
  3. The longest night is over and the future is brighter:
     bitter cold may still come, but the springtime will follow,
  4. so the darkness in our hearts you have conquered for ever:
     your victory is won, we can claim it for ourselves.
  5. As the evergreen tree lives on through the winter:
     so your love wins through to us, whatever may befall;
  6. throughout the bleakest day, we can warm ourselves with confidence:
     for God's Son has shown us he has power over everything.
  7. God still loves people, and sustains us every day:
     you care for us all, and you will help us always.
  8. For you speak to us gently, in our shopping and preparing:
     your judgement presses down on us, yet with understanding.
  9. Hectic activity may blot out our deepest worries:
     but you are closest to us in our quiet and aloneness,
  10. because your life on earth was forever marked by loneliness:
     you know our depressions and our sense of isolation.
  11. But even in festivities we needn't just ignore you:
     you take part in our weddings and in all our celebrations.
  12. In company, and by myself, you are always present:
     for God's Son has sympathy with all our human feelings.
  13. God will love people and be closer to us always:
     you care for us all, and you'll lead us on for ever.
  14. Family festivals can point to you like road signs:
     the commercial world can show us how to love ourselves and others.
  15. Each year at Christmas, there is more for us to learn:
     the enjoyment of children can help us become more child-like,
  16. for we can see your face in the wonderment of children:
     in the need of the poor and the joy of the secure.
  17. Wise men recognise your ever guiding hand:
     for you are always with us, leading on to new discoveries.
  18. Glory to God and in the world there will be peace:
     for your Son shows you love us and your love embraces everyone.