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I never know what to say to someone suffering from real depression. So all I can do is listen and pray.


  1. It's raining outside, there's nothing I can do:
     a cloud of depression settles over my mind.
  2. God, I am useless:
     what's the point of living when there's nothing but failure?
  3. There's no joy in anything I do:
     a great heavy weight presses down on my shoulders.
  4. I've no hope and no particular friends:
     they used to be my support and they've left me alone.
  5. What have I done wrong:
     is there a special reason for you to punish me?
  6. They'll put me back into hospital:
     but they can't see what's in my mind.
  7. No one understands my feelings:
     all I can hope for is to sleep forever.
  8. I'm afraid of other people:
     the only thing to do is tell no one and stay by myself.
  9. Everyone's against me, they are persecuting me:
     it's because I've committed such crimes that they're trying to kill me.
  10. Now I'm confused, so I call on you:
     I don't know what is happening; help me mother my despair.
  11. If only I can trust in someone - don't fail me now:
     there must be some way out, and you can understand me.