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There is so much wonder in the world that proclaims the greatness of God, not just the heavens, but the people and the past and even human failure, is telling the glory of God. The trouble is that I don't always feel like taking part. So here is an attempt to encourage us all to be aware of the presence of God in our own world.


  1. Shall I ever be able to praise you:
      God give me wings to get to the heart of it.
  2. I want to learn more of your wonders:
      there are so many things to know and to enjoy.
  3. For you are present in wind and fire:
      in the atom and the microchip your glory flames out,
  4. through those I know and those I love:
      beyond me in the past and into future generations.
  5. My world is charged with your grandeur:
      your sparks too brilliant for human eyes.
  6. I begin to feel your rhythm and hear your music:
      the trouble is in myself!
  7. Help me to glorify you also in my failures:
      to praise you in spite of sinfulness
      in our inhuman world.
  8. I cannot yet thank you for everything there is:
      but I can give praise to you in everything I know.
  9. Your goodness is beyond my meagre understanding:
      your eternity transcends the span of our lifetimes.
  10. When can I have courage to be happy and learn to praise you?:
      you're with me now yourself to voice my praise!


Some of this (verses 3 and 5) is inspired by words of G.M.Hopkins -
"the world is charged with the grandeur of God
It will flame out ..."
"The courage to be happy" is a phrase from Sister Adeline Cashmore.