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When I first began writing "psalms," I noticed other people were also writing poetic prayers, and sometimes calling them psalms, too. This is based on some words of Jan Fortune-Wood, which I found in The Good Wine by Josephine Bax. The praise of God is sometimes experienced as a kind of satisfying of my thirst, especially in Biblical writings from a hot country.


  1. We bless you, God our creator:
      let us praise your name with rejoicing.
  2. We cried to you in thirst and longing:
      with yearning hearts we searched,
      with parched and dried up souls we prayed to you.
  3. You, who are love, have listened to our call:
      you've had compassion on our thirst.
  4. In love you have allowed us to drink of the Son:
      in mercy you have given us the water of life.
  5. So we rejoice in you, our God:
      for you are our creator, redeemer and sustainer.
  6. We celebrate with thanksgiving the greatness of God:
      Blessed are you, the creator of all.