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  1. All the world is united in praising you
      because of your love and your goodness to us;
  2. children and all young people
      dance and sing and shout for joy.
  3. Everyone's praises rise up to you
      for in all the world you are honoured.
  4. Great is the glory of God
      holy your name in all races and peoples.
  5. Into this world of ours, Jesus was born
      just a small baby in a crowded city.
  6. King he was really, proclaiming God's kingdom
      living with his followers, praying and teaching.
  7. Many there were who found healing
      no matter how unimportant or poor.
  8. On a cross he died for all humanity
      proclaimed to be alive for ever and raised by God.
  9. Quite alone, his friends and his disciples
      remembering him at their meals,
  10. Spirit-filled became
      to preach the message throughout the world.
  11. Until the end of time
      vehicles of your Spirit are we who follow them.
  12. Word of God you are everywhere, you're now transmitted
      xeroxed, taped and videoed by us your people,
  13. yearning for justice and peace on this earth
      zealously sharing the news of your love.