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The traditional words of the Matins Responsory for Advent made into a psalm for all of us to use together.


  1. I look out from afar and see the power of God:
     there's a cloud that's coming to cover the earth.
  2. Go out to meet him and say:
     "Are you the one who is coming as king of your people?"
  3. High and low, rich and poor, go out to meet him:
     sisters and brothers, go to him and say,
  4. "Listen, you who lead your people like sheep:
     are you the shepherd who's coming to guide us?
  5. "Be ready to help us, we need strong leaders:
     come and be king of your faithful people.
  6. "Rise up in your might and judge the earth:
     bring everyone under your justice, but rule us gently."
  7. For we stand at the verge of a new horizon:
     yet lack the will to take hold of your future.
  8. I look out from afar:
     and I see the power of God that's coming;
  9. go out to meet him and say:
     "Tell us, are you the one who's coming as king of your people?"