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You will recognise where many of these phrases come from - different morning prayers that people use or are included in forms of Morning Prayer. Praying as we awake is perhaps one of the most positive things we can do. If only it were easy to keep that attitude all day, every day!


  1. I will start this day by praising you, my God
      for you are my creator and you are good to me always.
  2. You are with me when I wake up in the night
      in the early morning, you wait for me and stand beside me.
  3. Each new day belongs to you
      when I awake, it lies open before me
  4. You are with me as I stand up or sit down
      I am conscious of you helping me, hour by hour.
  5. Be my companion as I go out or come in
      for you are with me whatever I am doing.
  6. You guide me through work and through leisure
      keep me aware of your strengthening presence.
  7. When I am angry, guard my tongue
      when I am happy, let me remember that you are there also.
  8. In activity and busy occupation
      don't forget me when I forget you.
  9. Lead me to wait on you in boredom and idleness
      to be conscious of you as I relax or prepare.
  10. For you are my friend and my continual companion
      my guide, my support in need, and my strong protector.


Sept 03