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  • Thousands are filling pavements, queuing for miles:
      sun-baked unreported, protesting for others,
  • trade is governed unjustly, the placards proclaim:
      fair trade should help the workers, not lower our bills!
  • We used to give to charity to help the starving:
      now nations must help themselves drop the debt.
  • Our planet’s only on loan to us from the future:
      we want to be the conscience of the silent, asking questions,
  • loans can set up trade, not just send rice:
      for people can help themselves, trade not aid.
  • The gentry rule a world where most are poor:
      only a matter of class who has the power,
  • it’s always been the same, when most were slaves:
      the fight for democracy continues modernise!
  • So you’ve won the argument, make it work:
      supply the goods that are needed, change the world.
  • Improve the lives of the poor by sharing the risks:
      financing more fair trade with my own money.
  • We now need managed trade, not open markets:
      the system helps global companies, not the poor.
  • Power could work by diffusion, away from the few:
      riches can be better distributed, if we will.
  • Give us more courage to make things better:
      tomorrow could be the best day of all, or it could be the last.