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It's amazing how much human perception of our universe has changed, and the Hubble telescope, for example, might change them further. It is precisely the changing view of our world which has caused so many problems for religion. But it has also made many scientists into believers, and given many children their sense of wonder. The sheer size of our universe is enough to make anyone feel very insignificant indeed.


  1. We look up in wonder to the sky at night:
      the twinkling stars above us adorn your heavens.
  2. In a hundred million galaxies we stand on planet earth:
      from this edge of the universe we look out and watch.
  3. Telescopes look back billions of years:
      experts can guess what might have been in the beginning -
  4. the big bang that started the expanding universe:
      the red shift that shows the stars
      that are rushing away from us.
  5. But have scientists got the answers right:
      is our knowledge built on mistaken assumptions?
  6. Telescopes outside earth's atmosphere can see things differently:
      future discoveries could change our perceptions.
  7. As we depend on the sun for our existence:
      it may be other suns that will determine our future -
  8. the pulsar reveals its beacon of light:
      as the pointing star led wise men to look at God afresh.
  9. Some theories are supposed to prove you don't exist:
      but I know you now and in my own experience.
  10. Here am I, looking up to wonder:
      an individual on a very small planet.
  11. Our earth is kept alive and warm by an insignificant sun:
      we only exist at the outskirts of an emerging universe.
  12. In your purpose, I'm not at the centre of existence:
      as I look up I feel so small, and yet you love me!