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  • The nailmaker’s craft still flourishes manufacturing:
      we always need nails for building, or sold by the ounce;
  • though it can be dangerous to use if the hammer misses:
      or it may cause serious accident, with its sharpened point.
  • So Jael killed her enemy with a pin from her tent:
      the leader routed in battle but felled by a woman;
  • and Israel sang a victory psalm praising the women:
      may all God’s enemies perish bringing peace to the land.
  • A reminder of brutal facts, the nail of reality:
      even in my pocket it’s sharp, prodding awareness.
  • Jesus was hung on a cross, the criminal’s death:
      the three traditional nails are not in the story,
  • but whatever stands against us, he’s set aside:
      nailing it to his cross, Saint Paul declared.
  • Pain and grief is for all, the nail of suffering:
      without it we cannot know God, who suffers with us.
  • The faithful servant of God, Isaiah proclaimed:
      is firmly fixed in place, unmoved, secure,
  • the sayings of the wise are sharp, nails driven home:
      guide me, carpenter builder, marked with nails.
  • The satisfying thud of the nail, fixed and firm:
      the peg in the Temple wall, a holy place.
  • So help me stand faithful and true, the nail of trust:
      unmoved and ever in place where you are close.