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  1. God, why’s our life so complicated:
      you’ve made other people so different from me?
  2. Yet we’ve all been seeking you for centuries:
      the religious quest has occupied each generation.
  3. As Christians call to Jesus for help:
      Muslims are calling on Allah and Hindus Om.
  4. While Christians try to keep your commandments:
      Buddhist monks reverently remember their rules.
  5. When Christians discover their faith in history:
      Jews keep Bible festivals and Sikhs revere the Gurus.
  6. We’re divided by common scriptures:
      cultures of east and west keep us apart.
  7. Help us respect one another’s moral struggles:
      give us the strength to support each other’s prayers.
  8. Strengthen our hearts to deepen our own devotions:
      may you be our magnet and our wings for flight.