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It's amazing how much of our lives is dominated by men behaving badly (it's always men, and it's always other men, of course!). So much of the world seems to be run for the sake of making more of our strength and confidence. Isn't there something else too?


  1. Aggressiveness has been the style of the past: success
      came to men who were powered by greed and the desire for wealth;
  2. to be thrusting and assertive was seen to be good:
      the male macho image was most attractive to all of us.
  3. So a woman had to be subservient and look after the home:
      if she wanted to go out to work, she'd need to act like a man.
  4. The world has become a place for the man:
      fulfilment comes from achievement, and status from the work you do.
  5. In future we shall need a softer image:
      success will depend on networks and working with others;
  6. we'll look up to those who are concerned and caring:
      the female, protective role most important.
  7. It's already an easier thing for a father to care for the children:
      for a mother to be breadwinner for the family;
  8. the world is becoming a place for the woman:
      and we shall value human qualities and simpler living.
  9. God, help me have courage in this conviction:
      and be gentle with men un-manned by the changes around us.


Aug 2004