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  1. Older people can be selfish, too:
      we blame the young for being thoughtless, but they aren’t the only sinners!
  2. The views of older people can become more narrow:
      help us respect those who survive when we are gone.
  3. Parents are sometimes most aware of the future:
      when there seems no future for our children, what are we to do?
  4. In poorer countries the youngest are sent abroad:
      parents deliberately dismiss their children for ever;
  5. it’s the only way to give them a chance:
      for life is possible only with the rich,
  6. so long as the children are allowed to travel:
      they can be immigrants, when parents can not.
  7. Then do we mean to close our country to refugees:
      in order to exclude drugs, must we keep out the children?
  8. The only solution would be peace throughout the world:
      to prevent the famines caused by war.
  9. For it’s the children who will suffer:
      we only push off our problems to future generations.
  10. God, give us sensitivity to the agonies of parents:
      but grant us a stronger will to save the children.