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  1. Where was I, before I was born?
      there’s a mystery in all beginnings!
  2. It’s as if there are previous doings and places:
      memories of a dim and distant other.
  3. For you are there before ever I was:
      you brought me to be in my mother’s womb;
  4. your love was there in my parents:
      and in their parents too, for all existence!
  5. Where shall I be, after I have died?
      there’s a mystery in all our endings!
  6. It’s as if there are shadows of those I’ve known:
      the past still seems to be around me today.
  7. For you are there after all has gone:
      you are always with those who have died;
  8. your love is there in friends departed:
      if I’m close to you, I’m close to them too!
  9. If I jet off through the sunset sky:
      like the sun, you go with me, and are there before me!
  10. If I drown in the depths of despair:
      though I’m unaware of you, that’s when you carry me.
  11. For you are there in heaven and in hell:
      even when I want you away, you never let me go;
  12. your love is beside me through thick and thin:
      as you’re here now, you are here for ever.