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It is the (comparatively recent) pictures taken from space where the sheer blackness is staggering. Children have often thought of space as blue! So why should it be so demeaning to happen to have black skin? Actually, we generally worship as heroes those who have made their white skin darker, artificially or in the sun. Thanks be to God for darkness in the world, too.


  1. Thanks be to God for making the darkness:
      it isn't enough that you gave us the light;
  2. without the night, we couldn't see the stars:
      we shouldn't be able to sleep
      if there were no rest from brightness.
  3. The night brings its own kind of beauty and excitement:
      it's the time for leisure and for real enjoyment;
  4. we know that black is beautiful:
      dark skin a sign of health in a white society;
  5. it's blackness that shows up what happens in the light:
      the drama on stage or screen
      we see from darkened surroundings;
  6. the sad sweet songs of past days praised the darkness:
      the richest of all tunes in nature
      comes from the nightingale.
  7. Help us appreciate the dark in your creation:
      Lucifer's the one who brings evil,
      and he was the angel of light!
  8. For you are God, and you rule the darkness as well as the day:
      you have made the blackness of space majestic.