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  • Are you there, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob:
      the strength of my ancestors, my father and mother?
  • Thank you for former blessings, for me and for others:
      for you are in charge of the past, even its failures.
  • As long as we remember, it makes us human:
      forgetting where we’re from gives power to death.
  • God of the present moment, are you with us today:
      Helping me look beyond, with new vision and energy?
  • Be here to redeem for me this moment of trial:
      your helpful Spirit inspires the enduring struggle.
  • Life is not a race, but a journey to be savoured:
      we are only trustees for those who come after.
  • Today well lived makes yesterday a memory of happiness:
      tomorrow’s a vision of hope for a well lived today.
  • A glowering future is threatening, be with me as guide:
      what might now be waiting to bring shame or pain?
  • For those who journey on, the past is fading:
      you are the road we travel into tomorrow,
  • but the past is ever tormenting those who stay behind:
      help us journey on to your future.