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This psalm shows some signs of having been written a while ago! But the point is still topical, I hope, even if the examples are old. It is the way in which good and bad seem to be around together, as Jesus said, like the weeds amid the harvest fields. I feel the need to sort things out, on God's behalf. But, actually, God is quite capable of doing that.


  1. My God, I want to know you better:
      help me begin to understand what I want to be.
  2. Life is always a contradiction:
      good and bad are in a muddle, and they're inside me.
  3. South Africa the old enemy is moving into freedom:
      Archbishop and President have grown to maturity,
  4. in England women can also be priests:
      the issues divide so many yet liberate also.
  5. How can you allow such resurrection:
      how can we please you amidst the mess of life?
  6. Does good have to be so mixed up with evil:
      is it possible to know what I really want to do?
  7. Better to remain silent and still to be:
      worse to be speaking clearly but to pretend!
  8. I cannot know anything of you without pain:
      for the world is so awful and I want such good.
  9. Will you make me suffer too, in order to know:
      do I have to go through dying to be close to you,
  10. for if it's really you that I'm trying to find:
      the tearing away of other things is painful birthing.
  11. How can I know what I really want:
      do I have to be embroiled in such suffering?
  12. I decided to know only Jesus - the Christ that is crucified:"
      so faith isn't found in wisdom, but in your power alone.


Sept 04