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  • You did not let me go, powerful God:
      while I was only a child your presence entrapped me.
  • When my father was horrid you were good:
      you were a ready parent while others were busy.
  • Deeply depressed or lonely I could speak to you:
      or pray in my private solitude surrounded by bullies.
  • You do not let me go, working God:
      in the daily round of living you stand beside me.
  • When everything is difficult you can encourage:
      if colleagues are useless or awful you’ll understand.
  • Help me be eager to celebrate our best achievements:
      to offer you my busy-ness and exhaustion in life.
  • You will not let me go, loving God:
      even in the shadow of death I know you are with me.
  • As I face increasing losses, you come closer:
      for you know dereliction in a crucified Christ.
  • Whatever may happen to me you will not desert me:
      Grant me to hold to your love that clings to me.