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Remembering, they say, is what makes us human. I think it may be forgetting that makes most of us human, too! Anyway, this is the month for remembering the past, and the people we've known, even if our memories can be very selective. .


  1. Remembrance Sunday comes round once again
      we will remember them daily, so we say -
  2. another charity day for tired giving
      or is it a national day for waving the flag?
  3. We don't much recall the other, Kristallnacht
      but remembered this same week, starting the holocaust;
  4. nor reverse remembrance, like Hiroshima
      the death and starving destruction we've doled out to others.
  5. But I need to remember them all; stop the arms
      God help us work for peace as well as for charity.


Nov 03