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You would think we should be able to celebrate the religions of the world, without feeling threatened by other ideas than our own. At least it is possible to pray in our own place and heart without necessarily agreeing with what others have said is their belief.


  1. God, why is our life so complicated:
     why have you made other people so different from me?
  2. Yet we have been seeking you for centuries:
     the religious quest has occupied each generation.
  3. The variety of Hindu gods shows us your diversity:
     our lives surrounded by your two-eyed truth.
  4. Meditations of Buddhists proclaim serenity:
     reverently monks remember their rules.
  5. Jews keep Bible festivals in their homes:
     stressing the value of law and telling their stories.
  6. Christians believe in your forgiveness:
     their faith rooted in history but open to your future.
  7. Islam gives strength in the search for perfection:
     a single-minded pursuit of goodness in daily living.
  8. Many religions have fostered human unity:
     the inspiration of Sikhs revealed in the Gurus.
  9. Some of us are divided by common scriptures:
     cultures of east and west can keep us apart,
  10. but we can also delight in our differences:
     breathe in us all your Spirit of peace.
  11. Help us respect one another's moral struggles:
     give us your power to support each other's prayer -
  12. widen the hearts of all of us to deepen our own devotions:
     may you be for us our magnet and our wings.


July 2004