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This psalm is based on the words of a prayer for Evangelism, circulated in the Diocese of Southwell by Bishop Patrick Harris in the 1990s. He was encouraging his people to share what they have with others, taking with them the power of Christ.


  1. We come to you, our God, to prepare ourselves:
      somehow, alone or with others, I want to serve you.
  2. Send us with your compelling love:
      sharing your gospel of love with the world we know.
  3. We go in the strength of your Spirit:
      living and working we declare your grace -
  4. to discover the riches of Christ:
      in the poor and the sick, in the prisoner and stranger,
  5. to share the treasures of Christ:
      at work, at home and among our friends,
  6. to restore the glory of Christ:
      to his world and his kingdom of peace.
  7. Help us work for your justice:
      joining our hands with others, people of goodwill,
  8. that the earth may be filled with your beauty, even in suffering:
      that we may find through death itself your lively hope.