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How do we know what moral standards to try to keep? The traditional list is not often used, these days, but it may not be a bad start.


  1. How can anyone live a moral life?:
     by following God's commandments.
  2. Put your trust in God:
     for other things will prove to you how untrustworthy they are!
  3. Give praise to God for a miracle:
     but don't demand another one when you want it.
  4. Practise the presence of God:
     for God is with you always.
  5. So, avoid the hatred that divides you from your neighbours:
     the envy that leads you to wanting what others have;
  6. the greed which exploits the labour of human beings:
     and lays waste the good earth our descendants will need;
  7. the indifference which ignores the plight of the homeless:
     the lust which uses the bodies of women and men;
  8. the anxiety that looks for popularity:
     and the pride that leads you to trust only in yourself.
  9. Love your neighbour as yourself:
     treat others, as you would wish to be treated.