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When we complain about other people, it's often because they are not keeping the rules. We don't often complain that we aren't keeping the rules. Anyway, we don't respond to rules in quite the way we used to (we tend to disobey a rule when we see one!). So what are we to think of the traditional rules of the 10 Commandments, for example?


  1. The trouble with our world is we've forgotten your law
      the Ten Commandments aren't taught to our children -
  2. "You are God and must always come first
      no thing must ever take your place;
  3. "honour God's name and don't swear
      no work on Sunday your special day;
  4. "respect your parents and elders
      don't murder a human being;
  5. "there's no room for sex outside a marriage
      don't steal from other people;
  6. "no lying or cheating is allowed
      no time for envying your neighbours."
  7. But this law is not respected in our life today
      our generation can't respond to old commandments.
  8. The law is summed up in love, said Jesus
      to love God truly and to love your neighbour.
  9. But we're still selfish as people and in groups
      we're not good stewards of your creation,
  10. we don't worship you above money
      greed and sensuality are our basic sins.
  11. So in everything we can do better
      help us deepen our love for you and for each other.


Apr 04