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  1. At the bus stop you can notice a person's faith
      for it's faith that can help me stand and wait with patience.
  2. The advert said credit would take the waiting out of wanting
      but to take away the waiting is to miss the excitement.
  3. Whenever I have to wait, God teach me to wait on you
      to expect your purposes to be fulfilled in eager anticipation,
  4. for you never act without thought or care
      to you all time is eternity, your patience is never exhausted.
  5. I will wait on God, and you will not let me down
      I shall keep still and listen for the sounds of silence;
  6. you speak peace to me when I'm open to your stillness
      as I begin to relax you fill me with your total security.
  7. I will wait on you, my God, at a time of quiet
      my activity itself can be an offering to you,
  8. in the thick of things, I'll find a space for reflection
      to recall your presence is a prayer, like an arrow shot into the sky.
  9. I'm ready and waiting on you now
      as I wait here, you increase my faith in you.
  10. We wait for your love and your goodness to be shown to us
      as we share this expectancy, you strengthen our life together.


The Society of Friends and Servants of Christ the King teach a great deal about "waiting on God."