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Three "paragraphs" illustrate God’s care in making. The first is about how we may perceive God the creator in our own experience of the natural world. The second is about how God may be seen in human creativity and things we are accustomed to. The third expresses how all creativity may be experienced as an activity of God the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit). The whole is a prayer addressed to God in praise.


  1. This earth is your creation and you sustain it:
      everything there is around me declares your glory;
  2. a million light years ago you were at work:
      underneath me now are your everlasting arms.
  3. Your love is greater than the universe:
      your goodness too profound for me to comprehend.
  4. For all that has been, thanks:
      to everything that shall be, let me say 'Yes'.
  5. The trees that surround us are strong and sure:
      a gale might cause some damage but not destroy them all;
  6. my grandparents saw the same view as I do:
      these trees have been standing for generations.
  7. The quiet hills beyond them reflect your presence:
      my anxious mind breathes in your freedom;
  8. I listen in the noisy silence for your still small voice:
      I scan the natural world for the nature of God.
  9. This world is our creation and we are making it:
      everything we have around us shows human ingenuity;
  10. the heritage from times past proves our achievements:
      conservation makes us give value to what we build.
  11. Your gracious encouragement helps us continue:
      we are powerfully driven by your inspiration;
  12. the creativeness within us is yours:
      the force that raised Jesus from the dead.
  13. Architecture raises our eyes:
      design brings beauty to our human environment.
  14. The computer benefits everyone today:
      my grandparents' drudgery is eased by new technology.
  15. The city provides infinite choice:
      when so much is happening what of the future?
  16. Transport has given us all more freedom:
      television has opened up the world.
  17. Your creation, God, overflows with your faithfulness:
      I can trust you, for you are my creator,
  18. in everything I do, I praise you:
      you direct me in all my makings.
  19. Lord Jesus, you opened your arms on the cross:
      you are always open-handed and forgiving,
  20. new every morning is your gift of resurrection:
      you can redeem what I have made amiss.
  21. Spirit, you bring harmony to a troubled world:
      you give us your grace for new endeavours,
  22. it's your love that binds us to one another:
      so we're able to share our gifts.
  23. Everything points to the trinity of love:
      our living discloses your active care.
  24. You have called me and you are to be trusted:
      you are our God for ever and ever.


Verse 4 - Phrases from Dag Hammarskjold in Markings.