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These words are much used by Franciscans (verses 1,2, and 5). Verses 3 and 4 are from Isaiah.40.31. In this form, they can be used responsively, by a leader and group, either speaking the two halves of the verses, or a verse each.


  1. We adore you here, most holy Lord:
      as in all your churches in every land,
  2. we bless your name, Lord Jesus Christ:
      by your holy Cross you have saved the world.
  3. Those who trust will find strength renewed:
      and those who seek will fly like eagles,
  4. they will run and not get weary again:
      they will walk and never grow too faint.
  5. Praise our God all those who serve:
      both small and great who worship together,
  6. for yours is the Spirit to fire our hearts:
      the holy and strong to power our love.